Henry is a staff with ABC Company and it is responsible for focusing on a project that to develop land purchased by simply his company to build mature entertainment store. By doing so, the house values to get the surrounding the project land neighborhood is going to fall down significantly, including Luke's brother residence. While Lomaz is required to keep your plans by higher-ups purely private, his brother, Owen, told him about the decisions of either offering the house with the current market cost or looking forward to a better give few years later on. Issue:

The honest issue in this situatio is whether Luke should satisfy his commitments of commitment to his company or perhaps being honest with his brother by being honest that might conserve Owen's real estate from losing the value. This kind of raise an ethical question is because Luke is related to Owen; he has to face having a situation by which there is no right or wrong answer, but instead an appropriate and proper answer. Honest Lenses and Analysis:

In accordance to deontological theories, Luke's case may be applied simply by either Widespread Ethics or Utilitarianism. Based upon the Utilitarian theory, which can be considered as " the choice that yields the greatest benefit for the most people is the choice that is ethically correct”, Luke ought to tell Owen his provider's plan only when it benefits more persons than not. Luke must consider all of ABC's employees, stakeholders, and also the customers. While telling Owen the truth could be a good decision making because Owen is Luke's brother, his action may result a bad result if it shows up that he exposed you can actually private information to his relative Universal Ethics is defined as " actions will be taken out of duty and requirement to a purely moral best rather than based on the demands of the require of the circumstance, since the universal u