Daddy of the 12 months?

My father Javier Cortes just like many other dads is certainly not perfect. Our relationship with each other has had its a large number of ups and downs ever since I was slightly girl.

One thing that built our relationship even more complicated was the fact that my parents were internet dating and not hitched with a kid and all that they seemed to perform was dispute. In my point of view all their relationship has not been right to start with. Their different people just did not mesh well together. The saying that opposites attract has not been true in cases like this it just achieved it more of a trouble to put a child into the equation. I'm unsure if possibly of them were ready to have got a child yet I guess that they thought these people were at the time. Now i'm fortunate that they can decided to have me as they are the best father and mother I could ever ask for.

I remember when ever my mom can be working and my Tia Angie can be watching me and he would pick me personally up. He would take myself to the liquor store on the corner of your street. This individual bought myself whatever I needed and fresh tamales that have been my favorite. This didn't replace all the times this individual wasn't generally there for me nevertheless at the end my own day was complete. Nevertheless those very little visits were and still continue to be the best recollections.

Growing plan a dad that has constantly seemed to be out and in of jail; left me which has a lot of unwanted memories. This individual should have been the one person that kissed my scrapes and bruises from riding a bike initially. He should have been one that put myself to sleep with all the sound of his words reading bedtime stories and he should have been one that I could have been proud of, researched to and showed off to all or any my friends. He wasn't the perfect father but the times I did spend with him were the best as they always attempted his toughest to make me happy.

It injure me a whole lot not having my dad there for me personally as a child; my father was but still is everything to my opinion. He could do zero wrong mainly because I love him unconditionally. Within my eyes he is a...