persona component made up of unconscious clairvoyant energy that actually works to satisfy fundamental urges, requires, and needs. it jewelry directly to endurance

only part of personality that is present at birth

acts as the driving force at the rear of personality

In the event unable to instantly satisfy a purpose, tension results.

Pleasure basic principle

driving force with the id that seeks quick gratification of needs, wishes, and tendencies. When demands are not achieved, the result is a state of anxiety or tension.

Principal process

works to solve tension produced by the satisfaction principle.


component to personality that mediates the requirements of the identity

ensure that the requirements of the id are happy in ways which can be effective and appropriate. (develops from the identification and makes sure that the impulses of the identity can be stated in a method acceptable in the real world. ) uses the secondary process to briefly discharge the id's energy until you may safely and properly fulfill your need.

Actuality Principle

strives to meet the id's desires in realistic and socially suitable ways. (Ego operates depending on the reality theory, which aims to satisfy the id's wishes in reasonable and socially appropriate ways) e. g

The horses represents the id; reigned over by the pleasure principle, that seeks just to fulfill its needs, just about all provides the strength needed to push the two forward. The biker represents the ego; well guided by the fact principle, this harnesses the power of the id and directs it in ways designed to information it in the most appropriate direction.


begins to come out at about age five.

component of personality composed of our internalized beliefs that we have attained from our father and mother and by society. suppress the urges of the identification and attempts to make the ego behave morally, rather than genuinely. Two Regions of the Superego

the ego ideal and the conscience.

Ego ideal, involves the rules and standards once and for all behaviours feel great about themselves or happy with...