2 . How liberalism was imposed on the nation point out or group and level to which this implementation benefited or hurt the people under this imp?t of liberalism?


2) What principles of modern liberalism do you consider can be effectively fostered within a country simply by foreign input? What concepts of modern liberalism can be accepted only through domestic support or idee? To what degree has the imp?t of liberalism today influenced people throughout the world? Are there more efficient ways of pushing modern liberalism than those tackled throughout the part?

I think that the principles of rule of law, and individual privileges and freedoms can be effectively fostered, since they are things that folks as a whole appear to support. These types of principles, in the event put into place correctly don't infringe on the freedoms of the people.

3) Traditionally, how good do you think generous democracies have been in fostering liberalism in the additional countries?

I really do not think that they have been since successful as they could have been fostering liberalism.

4) Perform Western open-handed democracies firmly insist that all their particular foreign allies embrace liberalism? List good examples where they may have not done so and for what reason this would be?

5) Are there conditions in which a country's stability and national protection are more crucial than the citizens legal rights to democratic self-determination? Why or perhaps you should?

I think that you have circumstances in which stability and security outweigh the costs of democratic self-determination, but I believe that they are only outweighed during very terrible circumstances. I really believe that every individual should have the right to self-determination, yet I also believe that everybody has the right to life, of course, if there comes a scenario where a govt has to select from the safety, or prosperity with the population they need to choose basic safety.