п»їUnit PS2: Presentation application

You should use this file to complete the Assessment.

Tips on how to complete and send the assessment:

Preserve a copy with this document, both onto your laptop or a hard disk drive Work through your Assessment, keeping in mind to save work regularly Once you've finished, print out a copy to keep for reference After that, go to www.vision2learn.com and give your finished Assessment to your tutor through your My personal Study area – make sure it is evidently marked with your name, the course title and the Unit and Analysis number.

Take note that this Examination document has 8 pages and is consisting of 2 Parts.

Learning results

Throughout this Assessment, you can meet a variety of learning final results and analysis criteria. Take a look at the information under to see which will criteria you can meet by which Parts of the Assessment.

Learning outcomes & Assessment conditions met

Component 1:

1 ) 1 Determine what types of information are required pertaining to the demonstration 1 . two Enter text message and other details using styles appropriate to type of information 1 . three or more Insert graphs and furniture into presentation slides

1 . 4 Put images, video or appear to enhance the presentation 1 . 6 Organise and incorporate information of different forms or perhaps from distinct sources pertaining to presentations 1 ) 7 Retail outlet and get presentation files effectively, in accordance with local guidelines and events where readily available 2 . you Identify what slide composition and topics to use

installment payments on your 2 Choose, change and use appropriate templates for slides

installment payments on your 4 Choose and use appropriate techniques to format photo slides and sales pitches 2 . a few Identify what presentation results to use to improve the demonstration 2 . six Select and use cartoon and move effects properly to enhance glide sequences 3. 2 Make slideshow intended for presentation

Portion 2:

1 ) 5 Determine any limitations which may affect the presentation 1 . 7 Shop and get presentation documents effectively, in line with local guidelines and events where available 2 . a couple of Select, alter and employ appropriate templates for slides

2 . three or more Select and use suitable techniques to modify slides and presentations to meet needs 2 . 4 Select and employ appropriate methods to format photo slides and sales pitches 3. you Describe tips on how to present slides to meet requires and connect effectively three or more. 2 Make slideshow for presentation

3. 3 Examine presentation complies with needs, using IT tools and making modifications as necessary a few. 4 Recognize and reply to any difficulties with presentations to ensure presentations meet needs



You work for the Sales office of The Fresh fruit and Vegetable People Ltd, a company that sells organic, ethically procured fruit and vegetable containers. You are in charge of for setting up a demonstration that advertises their important products.

You have been given an initial draft with the presentation content to edit and prepare just before it is found in sales meetings to show customers the different items that are available.

You have recently been asked to edit and prepare the presentation, acquiring it via 1st draft to last draft ready for use in sales meetings.

Part 1: Creating your presentation

(1. 1, 1 . 2, 1 ) 3, 1 . 4, 1 . 6, 1 . 7, 2 . 1, 2 . 2, 2 . 4, 2 . 5, installment payments on your 6, several. 2)

With this Part of the Assessment, you will need to apply the knowledge you could have acquired in Session one particular – your five of your PS2 Unit.

Please note: You will have downloaded the useful resource files presentation_content, fruit_image and veg_image in the Unit Assessment Page to complete this kind of part of the Examination.

1 . Start by saving this assessment record as PS2 Assessment in an appropriate location. Take a screenprint of the document saved with this location and paste that in the space below:

2 . In this Area of the Assessment, you have to produce a glide show presentation for It and Veggie People's sales force so that they can show off the organisation's best products to potential customers. Use the package below to...