Organization Analysis on Apple Inc.

The Best Candidate for Business Analysis: Apple computers.

Apple Inc. is an excellent candidate for business analysis. Between companies in the us, it has the most influence and growing in United States and it has no border or limits in the global market. SWOT Analysis upon Apple Inc.

Gross annual report 10-K can be a great reference to assess the corporate with SWOT system to understand the strengths, weak spot, opportunities, and threats in Apple Inc. whether this company is acceptable to invest in the near future or not really. The following is the analysis of each sector. Advantages

Apple Inc. has increased the number of the customers within a short period and not only they cherished the products yet also are frenetically into the apple's goods and these generally customers generally have huge expectation on apple's goods.

According to Form 10-K (2011), " The Company offers a variety of portable communication and media devices, personal computing products, and portable digital music players, as well as a selection of related software program, services, and peripherals” (p. 3). All those electronic products have different capabilities but related to each other peoples, which help these to be competitive inside the global market. Apple Inc. features placed their retail stores in desirable position at a high traffic area in quality shopping malls and downtown shopping schisme (Apple Incorporation, 2011). There are some risks in placing retail outlet at large expensive down-town but this will help them to accumulate more consumers with cash that are fresh to apple's items. Weakness

The corporation is facing aggressive competition and extremely competitive in both products in its business. Rival businesses even make an attempt to imitate the functions coming from company's products with an alternative version, which endanger its products (Apple Incorporation, 2011). Possibilities

Business progress heavily depends on the sale of items and to boost the quality and innovate these products, continual analysis, and advancement is...

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