Discussion #1

In Wes Moore's " The Various other Wes Moore” both heroes live inside the same metropolis, with the same names although grow about lead different lives. Both equally kids increase up living in Baltimore exactly where drugs and poverty have reached an all time high. Assault is a reoccurring theme through this book and both kids have run-ins with the regulation. Each of the Wes Moore boys both struggle in school with attendance and academics. Their particular stories begin the same but each of the young boys grows up and lives different paths.

What is satrical about the story is that both equally Weses' grew up in the same neighborhood surrounding the same issues and they later on lead diverse lives. Additionally it is ironic just how women transformed both of their very own lives. Following more law enforcement officials run-ins and trouble for school Wes' mom makes a decision to put him into a army school. The girl sacrifices a whole lot so that her son won't fall into the drug way of life. On the other hand the other Wes Moore's mommy gave up on her sons and let them do what they wanted. This leads to prescription drugs and physical violence to become a reoccurring theme in the other Wes' life. The mothers in " The Other Wes Moore” play and important role in how their sons became the boys they are today.

Wes Moore grows up as a Rhodes Scholar, decorated expert, White House fellow and a successful business man, even though the other Wes Moore will certainly spend the rest of his life behind a jail cellular being charged with murder. So the quote " The chill truth is that his tale could have been my very own. The tragedy is that my own story might have been his, ” is saying which the Wes' conditions could have easily been corrected. Wes could've easily have wound up in imprisonment facing a lifestyle sentence and this other Wes could have been shaped into this powerful man.

With Wes' situation he previously help to get free from the violence, Wes' mother played a big role in putting his life within a new path. She would whatever she needed to carry out to make sure her son did not fall much deeper into the physical violence. The different Wes failed to have that support...