Philosophy may be the systematic explanation.

Science can be description, generalization, or law and needs a single reason, which is philosophy. The explanation which philosophy gives is what has to be the case to ensure that something to be as it is. Thales was an astronomer who had been the first to forecast an eclipse of the sun in 585 B. C. Thales declared the world is one thing which was normal water, or subject. Thales lived in Miletus, in that case part of Greece and now contemporary Turkey. Herakleitos said there was four basic elements that were fire, normal water, earth, and air in balance. Herakleitos said the unifying take into account the universe was logos, which common sense, or lawfulness. Herakleitos lived in Ephesus in 500 M. C.

Anaxagoras believed that logos, the laws managing balance, are not basic but were formulations, concepts, data, and ideas which could certainly not exist automatically but were the actions of a head. Anaxagoras believed that if the universe got laws, it had a mind. Anaxagoras lived in Athens.

Bandeja was a pupil of Socrates and began a school known as the School. Plato believed that the head could simply think info or blueprint, but it could hardly initiate a universe. Bandeja called the acting brain a World Spirit.

Aristotle was obviously a student of Plato and taught Alexander the Great in Pella and started a college called Lyceum.

Aristotle believed that the Globe Soul discussed the concept (mind) and actions (soul), but is not the will, or perhaps intention. Aristotle believed which the universe demanded a learning, willing, acting initiator or person: The almighty. Aristotle occupied Athens.

The five philosophers in order will be Thales, Herakleitos, Anaxagoras, Avenirse, and Aristotle. The three ideas dealing with metaphysics are Truth, God, and Person. The three concepts coping with epistemology happen to be knowledge, fact (justification-logic), and certainty. Three concepts working with axiology happen to be Politics, Ethics, and Appearance (Good, Just, Beautiful). The techniques of Research and...